ATSP AppSec provides an external assessment of your applications to identify vulnerabilities embedded in code and infrastructure that could be used to hijack the application and steal data.

The application assessment gives you an AI-based cyber risk score for the application and management platform to identify, prioritize, exploit safely, and mitigate all vulnerabilities found. Depending on your application, ATSP AppSec can be used for self assessment or combined with our Professional Services for external assessments that include Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, and Business Logic Assessment.

Next Generation Vulnerability Management Tool

Scans can be scheduled for daily, weekly, monthly, bi-annually, or yearly, and can be done immediately after acquiring the ATSP AppSec License.

Our next generation scanning engine discovers all vulnerabilities for the in-scope assets. We evaluate in detail the attack surface of the assigned assets by automated and manual testing and provide evidence of the vulnerabilities found.

The ATSP-AppSec vulnerability timeline gives you visibility of all open and patched vulnerabilities since initial scan so you can focus on immediate threats to your business and align your teams for efficient mitigation results. Also, this report helps you understand vulnerabilities that exist in other assets and strategic actions to improve the overall security posture of the company.

ATSP’S Cyber Risk Score helps to measure the risk of your application with the help of artificial intelligence and provides a single score that allows you to explain the security posture to business owners and reduce the cyber risk on a real-time basis.

We solve one of the frustrations with finding too many vulnerabilities. ATSP-AppSec provides a standard report of the Top 10 Vulnerable Applications Vulnerabilities based on the number and the severity found. This helps to align the organization to use its resources effectively.

ATSP’s history reporting helps you present the improvement and the progress of the organization’s IT Security posture from the day it was onboarded, with up to 5 years of history.

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What does AppSec Cover?

Mobile Applications

Mobile Application security testing is a combination of automated scanning and professional services for manual layer penetration testing to provide complete mobile application security coverage across the entire DevOps life cycle. This includes architectural analysis and testing between the client and the server.

Web Applications

ATSP AppSec finds vulnerabilities present in your web applications and websites accurately and quickly. The continuous scanning allows monitoring of the vulnerabilities present in the app even as it evolves. The mobile application security software can safely scan on the production server without requiring a separate environment (if not available) which results in zero downtime and saves cost. During the manual testing, a Hubwelt engineer will also identify any Business Logic Flaw which could impact business risk.

Accumulating the Scope of Information

On the initiation of the project, a road map with the end goal is collected from the client. This includes the URLs, IP addresses, authentication accesses and a list of red zones in the application that do not have to be accessed.



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